Can I Add Privacy On My Instagram Likes

Can I Add Privacy On My Instagram Likes

You might really enjoy having fun and sharing photos with your friends on Instagram, but did you know the security and privacy risks? Social platform is good for expressing oneself to others or marketing your product to increase buyers. Many people have taken advantage of uploading posts to show themselves to the world, perhaps through brand endorsements, their own e-commerce promotion, or just photos. However, you should be aware of the overlooked threats that might cost you while using the app. Therefore, there are privacy and security settings to help maximize your usage. Let's see if privacy can be added to the Instagram settings?

Account Safety

There are various ways to make custom settings for your Instagram account. Also, the instructions to follow when adding such settings vary depending on where you're signed in from the web, mobile app, iOS and Android apps. Here are the ways to keep your account safe:

Making It Private

Make your public account private. By doing this, you will only share photos with selected users and hide any others you do not want to disclose. It's very important to let only those closest to you know what's going on with you. To change the settings, use the following procedure:

Web users - Log in and tap the picture icon in the top right, then find the icon next to your name. After that, click privacy & settings and go to account privacy. Click the checkbox to switch to a custom account.

Mobile users- Check bottom right of phone screen, tap image icon, swipe left and click settings icon. Choose privacy settings and mark private account as open. After this process, only existing followers will be able to see your stories, but others must submit a request before allowing them.

Avoid Sharing Your Data With Other Apps

We have a number of applications that may want to access your data. For example, scheduling shipments on your behalf. You should be warned not to accept these recommendations. This is because the more you allow different applications and companies to access your data, the higher the chance that information will be leaked or stolen. It's even better if you set up settings that only allow Instagram to access the apps you really value. Do this by going to the authorized apps menu and clicking revoke access and then tapping 'yes' to agree.

Check Your Account For Hacking

Attack checking is done by looking at the changes in your past account activity. Check if the logins, logouts, passwords and others are OK. Make sure your account privacy settings are the way you set them up, confirm all password changes, stories and events, login and logout details. If you receive any suspicious changes that you are not involved in, it could mean that someone else is using the account. Therefore, you should change your credentials to make the password stronger to completely lock it.

Enable The Two-Factor Authentication

You may be concerned that someone else may be using your account as you. Maybe take pictures, share stories, and do many other activities. Don't be afraid because you can handle it. You just need to turn on two-factor authentication. It sends a verification code each time a new device logs into your account. Without your knowledge, the sign-in person should receive the code sent from you to complete.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, you can add privacy to your Instagram likes. Privacy is useful for avoiding social pressure and threats that can come from followers or new Instagram users who want to follow you. There are various ways to change your account to be private for your security. Examples include turning on two-factor authentication, customizing your account, checking for hacks, not sharing data with third-party apps, etc. countable.