Can I Control The Comments Left On My IG Live Sessions? Read This Article And Find Out!

Can I Control The Comments Left On My IG Live Sessions? Read This Article And Find Out!

Instagram'ın no doubt that one of today's most popular social media platforms.

With more than five hundred million users, it is a place where you can share your personal life or use it as a marketing tool to promote your brand or product, you can choose.

Instagram'ın photo, video or story that we install as a social media applications 'use of the classic' as well as Instagram, also allows users to broadcast live;

This feature can benefit from the introduction page of your application that when used wisely enough.

And yes, if necessary, we can always turn off the option to comment on this broadcast.

Why Should I Go Live on Instagram?

Live broadcast, fans / is the best way to interact with your customers.

This kind of interaction, encouraging viewers to leave comments worth considering attending the live session has a potential.

If you do not know, reviews, is a key element in ensuring the credibility of your profile, and this is most important if you are running a business.

Instagram profile you / Do you have a work profile?

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Often, it is true that we take in live sessions we organize reviews were positive and nutritious.

However, sometimes we prefer to limit the option to leave a comment.

Continue reading to learn how to hide Live comments.

First Things First - How to Go Live on IG

  • Log into your account and find INSTAGRAM LIVE.

This step is mandatory; otherwise we will not pass the live broadcast.

Now, to start the live broadcast, select the icon to install a story you'll find the button.

When you click a notification that will appear to begin the live session.

  • Eliminate the ability of viewers leaving comments.

Did you start a live session?

Shiny! Now the only thing left, tapping the icon in the comment box to cancel the 3-point option review.

When the session starts, the left corner of the screen will show the number of viewers.

Sorry, we are able to filter the comments left in our live sessions or unable to control or restrict the amount of hope. However, 'REVIEWS DO NOT CLOSE' selecting possible to eliminate this option.