How To Export The List Of Instagram Followers In An Excel File

How To Export The List Of Instagram Followers In An Excel File

The Instagram world is expanding every day. The percentage of adult Instagram users has grown from 35% to 37% in the past year alone. This roughly counts Instagram users to 1 billion.

Instagram is a truly interactive platform and an activity hub. You'll find businesses, bloggers, and models growing in popularity as their follower numbers grow rapidly. A huge number of followers is undoubtedly a show of strength in the Instagram world.

A great way to track your followers is to convert it into an excel file. This will help you avoid blacklisted and fake accounts. We have listed all possible ways to export the list of your Instagram followers to a file.

Benefits Of Exporting The List Of Instagram Followers

There are many benefits to exporting lists; so it's common practice. It's not just about keeping track of your followers, it's much more.

One thing you can do with an exported list is it compares it to another list. If you have an excel file for Instagram followers, you can compare it to your twitter followers file. You can directly market them to follow you on other social media profiles as well. As mentioned earlier, making a list not only protects you from blacklisted accounts; it also filters out robots.

By creating a list, you can follow and manage your followers. You can compare your list of followers and followers and make a decision. You can see the people you follow and see if they are following you or not, otherwise you can unfollow them. This is often referred to as the black hat technique, which is very helpful.

A very brilliant use of this list would be advertising. You can list your followers and run specific ads by this audience to promote that content. Another great use would be to run that list with contact management. They can help you find out more about users. You can find their real names and usernames on other platforms that will help you promote your content.

How To Export The List In An Excel File

Various ways are available to export the follower list in an excel file. You can also do this manually by logging in to your Instagram profile and opening your follower list. After this use, extract the data using a scraper program in your browser. However, the data can be loaded slowly.

Another way to do this is by using the Google Helper Tools. This includes usernames, bio, etc. It is a Chrome extension that allows you to delete things. It doesn't need any of your profile data to work and can extract information from any public profile. It also lets you compare two lists together. However, there are certain limitations as it is only free to 10,000 followers.

Chrome also limits the memory its extension uses so you can scrape only 100,000 accounts.

Some of the professional tools on the market are somewhat costly to use. However, they are authentic and work with Instagram. Two of them are Later and Iconosquare. Other than that, there are plenty of black hat tools you can use to do this if you want. However, they are not very safe to use, so it is your choice to allow them access to your account.


It's undeniable that exporting your Instagram follower list can be very helpful for promoting your profile and keeping it safe from blacklisted accounts. It's a simple process and it will help.