What Is The Order Of Instagram Likes?

What Is The Order Of Instagram Likes?

Instagram is brimming with about 95 million posts every day. And, on average, an Instagram post gets around 1261 likes per post, which is more than anyone could have guessed.

When you see one of these posts and are about to hit it as we noticed, Instagram is also showing a few of our friends who liked the post. Surely we have all wondered at some point why Instagram likes are ranked this way. It's still confusing why Instagram ranks the way it does. Scroll below for the answer.

Why Does Instagram List Those Two People On The Top Always?


The Instagram algorithm is quite mysterious and no one knows much about how it works. However, by understanding the patterns, we can make some predictions.

Social media platforms are constantly working on making the interface more personal to your needs. When you see those two people on the top, you are interested. This is because you interact with these two people the most, and the post automatically catches your attention.

Tagging People

Labeling plays a vital role in sorting. The more the other person tags you, or you tag them, the higher they will rank. The tagging can be in posts or stories.

Number Of Followers

The number of followers is also very important in determining who moves at the top. Friends with many followers will be moved to the top of the list. The size of their audience will determine who likes your post and will rank higher.

Mutual Engagement Between Users

Unless you have a regular and mutual interaction, they can't be at the top of your likes list. Instagram determines the people closest to you by controlling how much you talk to people, how much you interact with their posts and reply to them. And if they're the only ones who do it, it won't work. You must do the same.

The Instagram algorithm works by taking note of how often you interact with you and your posts. If you talk to each other frequently on the platform, comment and like each other's posts, that person will be at the top of the list.


In the world of Instagram, followers regularly like, comment on your posts, browse your profile and see your stories. The Instagram algorithm is said to rank the likes when ordering the posts in your feed.

Stalkers may be people with whom you have a relationship recently and would like to do more with in the future. Liking your posts tells Instagram about a budding friendship so they rank high.

Verified Account

Something that goes unnoticed is verified accounts. People who like your posts from verified accounts show on the top of the list as well. 


There are many ways we can interpret the Instagram algorithm, but the truth is that it is still unclear why it ranks as it does. Until unless Instagram doesn’t reveal the secret, we can only make guesses about it.