Who In My Profile Can See My Instagram Likes?

Who In My Profile Can See My Instagram Likes?

Instagram is all about photos and likes and followers. Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram quickly found popularity. People often say Instagram is a simpler version of Facebook, which is true! It has proven to be a great platform not only for people who love to connect, but also for influencers, bloggers, and people looking to build their small business.

Instagram’s Privacy Policies

Other than that, Instagram's privacy and security policies are pretty easy to understand. Since the whole concept of Instagram is to allow users to share their photos publicly, safely and securely, Instagram is very strict about it when it comes to protecting user privacy! The platform has given users full rights to choose who they want their profile and account to see and from whom they hide it. However, before, sometimes third-based websites would get user data, but now Instagram has changed this policy as well. These third-based applications will no longer be able to use the user's data and these applications must explicitly inform the user if they are to use advanced personal information and data.

Who In My Profile Can See My Instagram Likes?

Now let's get back to the main topic, who can see my Instagram likes on my profile? Now, that changes, are you using a private account or a public account?

Instagram Accounts

Instagram lets its users create two types of accounts. An account is for people who want to share their photos and videos with a limited number of people and control who can see their profile. For this type of people, Instagram has used the private account option. When you have a private account, only people you allow can follow you, and only your followers can see what you post on your profile.

There are also people who would like to share everything with the world. They want everyone to see their pictures, whether it's the work of the hidden photographer in them, or anything they post on their profile. Therefore, for such users, Instagram has offered the option of having a public account. This account will allow the user to share his profile with anyone, those who follow him or even those who do not follow him.

So, Who Can See The Likes On Your Instagram?

When you like a post, it's visible to anyone who can view that post as well. Your name will be displayed below in the likes section. No matter how many likes the post gets, your followers will see your name in the likes section.

If your account is private, only those who follow you will be able to see your posts and likes. However, if your account is public, everyone will be able to see your likes and username.

So, if you're someone who likes to stay private or someone who wants everyone to know your profile, Instagram has an option for everyone!